Urodidae is a small family of moths., consisting three genera, Urodus and Spiladarcha occur in the neotropics, while Wockia occurs in Europe.

These small to medium-sized moths measure 11-37 mm in wingspan and often have a greyish or mottled forewing background colour. The male adult has a “hairpencil” on the costa of the hindwing. In the caterpillar, the placement of the setae and structure of the prolegs is diagnostic, and the pupal segments I–II are fixed. On the head, there are no ocelli or “chaetosemata” and the proboscis even at the base is unscaled. An “epiphysis” is present on the foreleg.

Source: Wikipedia

Urodus sp. 0F1A6831
(Sumaco, Ecuador)
Urodus sp. 0F1A9223
(Tandayapa, Ecuador)