Eubrachyura is a group of decapod crustaceans comprising the more derived crabs. It is divided into two subsections, based on the position of the genital openings in the two sexes. In the Heterotremata, the openings are on the legs in the males, but on the sternum in females, while in the Thoracotremata, the openings are on the sternum in both sexes. This contrasts with the situation in other decapods, in which the genital openings are always on the legs. Heterotremata is the larger of the two groups, containing the species-rich superfamilies Xanthoidea and Pilumnoidea and all the freshwater crabs (Gecarcinucoidea, Potamoidea). The eubrachyura is well known for actively and constantly building its own burrows.

Source: Wikipedia

Heterotremata (Heterotrematan Crabs)

Superfamily Gecarcinucoidea

Family Gecarcinucidae (Southeast Asian Freshwater Crabs)

Parathelpusa maculata (Singapore)
Parathelphusa valida (Sabah, Malaysia)
Phricothelphusa limula (Phuket, Thailand)
Phricothelphusa sp. 0F1A9676
(Phuket, Thailand)
Terrathelphusa ovis (Sarawak, Malaysia)

Superfamily Potamoidea (Old World Freshwater Crabs)

Family Potamidae (Eurasian Freshwater Crabs)

Subfamily Potamiscinae

Cerberusa caeca (Sarawak, Malaysia)
Demanietta khirikhan
(Kaeng Krachan NP, Thailand)
Isolapotamon inger (Sabah, Malaysia)
Isolapotamon sp. 086A0109
(Sabah, Malaysia)
Isolapotamon sp. 0F1A5678
(Sabah, Malaysia)

Superfamily Pseudothelphusoidea

Family Pseudothelphusidae (Neotropical Freshwater Crabs)

Subfamily Hypolobocerinae

Hypolobocerinae 0F1A1855
(Milpe, Ecuador) 0F1A1855

Thoracotremata (Thoracotrematan Crabs)

Superfamily Grapsoidea (Land, Shore, and Marsh Crabs)

Family Gecarcinidae

Cardisoma carnifex
(Bali, Indonesia)
Cardisoma sp. IMG_7758
(Bali, Indonesia)
Gecarcoidea natalis
(Christmas Island, Australia)
Tuerkayana celeste
(Christmas Island, Australia)

Family Grapsidae

Geograpsus grayi
(Christmas Island, Australia)

Family Sesarmidae (Sesarmid Marsh Crabs)

Geosesarma peraccae (Singapore)
Geosesarma sabanum (Sabah, Malaysia)
Geosesarma sp. 0F1A9333
(Sarawak, Malaysia)
Geosesarma sp. 0F1A9470
(Phuket, Thailand)
Geosesarma sp. 0F1A9393
(Phuket, Thailand)