The author

Hi, I am Alvin Francis Lok, a botanist/ ecologist by training, and am also an ISA certified arborist (ISA Certified Arborist ®, ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification®). I have been interested in the natural world since childhood, which has taken me to many places overseas. I have been doing nature photography for around 25 years now, mainly concentrating on bird and macrophotography. I have worked in Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum (the former Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research), National Parks Board for a couple of years, before going back to the National University of Singapore to do ecological research and environmental impact assessments for several government agencies for around 6 years, before moving on to a corporate job.

See my attached publication list and publication stats on ResearchGate.

About the site

I envision biodiversitysingapore.com a resource dedicated to the natural world, but first and foremost as a photographic guide for the organisms (mammals, insects, arachnids, birds etc.…) I have encountered in various habitats during my nature explorations. Despite the site’s name, this site covers global biodiversity, and not only those from Singapore.

Most of the bird and megafauna photography were done outside of Singapore, since there are more opportunities for these overseas as compared to Singapore, but also because bird photography has garnered lots of bad publicity locally, and I want to distance myself from such associations and bad practices.

Copyrights and watermarks

All photos are watermarked and copyright of the author unless otherwise stated. Copyrights are not just about the money; it is about integrity and taking credit for something that is not yours.

If you wish to use any of the photos in this website for commercial, educational, or non-commercial purposes, please contact the author at (alvinfrancislok@biodiversitysingapore.com) for pricing and/ or terms of use.