Riodinidae is a family of butterflies commonly known as “metalmarks”, which refers to the small, metallic-looking spots commonly found on their wings. The family has 1,532 species in 146 genera.  Riodinidae are mostly Neotropical in distribution, but the family is also represented both in the Nearctic, Palearctic, Australasian (Dicallaneura), Afrotropic (AfriodiniaSaribia), and Indomalayan areas.

Like the lycaenids, the males of this family have reduced forelegs while the females have full-sized, fully functional forelegs. The foreleg of males is often reduced and has a uniquely shaped first segment which extends beyond its joint with the second segment, rather than meeting it flush. They have a unique venation on the hindwing: the costa of the hindwing is thickened out to the humeral angle and the humeral vein is short.

Source: Wikipedia

Subfamily Nemeobiinae

Tribe Nemeobiini

Laxita teneta
(Sarawak, Malaysia)
Saribia tepahi
(Ranomafana, Madagascar)

Subfamily Riodininae

Tribe Riodinini

Lyropteryx bellona juturna
(Tandayapa, Ecuador)