Pyrgomorphidae is a family of grasshoppers in the order Orthoptera. Pyrgomorphidae is found worldwide in tropical and warm temperate regions (though none are from US mainland). The majority of the family’s approximately 500 species are distributed throughout Africa, Asia and Australia. Their name is probably derived from pyrgos (Greek: Πύργος) meaning “tower”: a reference to the form (morph) of the head in the type genus Pyrgomorpha and other genera.

Pyrgomorphidae are sometimes known as “gaudy grasshoppers”, due to the striking, bright aposematic colouration of a number of genera, warning of their toxicity. However, about 90% of the species in the family are harmless and well-camouflaged, with a few, notably Sphenarium, even caught for human consumption.

Source: Wikipedia

Subfamily Orthacridinae

Tribe Mitricephalini

Mitricephala milleri (Male)
Mitricephala milleri (Female)

Subfamily Pyrgomorphinae

Tribe Phymateini

Phymateus saxosus
(Ambostra, Madagascar)

Tribe Tagastini

Tagasta marginella

Unidentified Pyrgomorphinae (Tagastini)

Tagastini 0F1A3786
(Kaeng Krachan NP, Thailand)
Tagastini 0F1A5283
(Sabah, Malaysia)