Plume moths are a family of moths with unusual, modified wings. The forewings of these moths consist of two curved spars with trailing bristles, resembling the closely related Alucitidae (many-plumed moths). The hindwings are of similar construction but consist of three spars.

The resting posture is with the wings extended laterally and narrowly rolled up, often looking like dried grass.

Source: Wikipedia

Pterophoridae 0F1A1877
(Andasibe, Madagascar)
Pterophoridae 0F1A1880
(Andasibe, Madagascar)
Pterophoridae 0F1A5673
(Sabah, Malaysia)

Subfamily Deuterocopinae

Deuterocopus planeta
Deuterocopus ritsemae

Subfamily Pterophorinae

Tribe Pterophorini

Pterophorus lacteipennis