Plataspidae are a family of shield bugs native to the Old World. These bugs are phytophagous, polyphagous or oligophagous, mainly associated with the Fabaceae, but can also feed on plants of other families. Some may feed on fungi. They harbor microorganisms in their digestive tract, specific to each host species, living in symbiosis with it.

They are gregarious and can be found in large groups. Social behaviors have been observed in Libyaspis, the adults, well protected by their pronotum and their scutellum covering the entire abdomen, group together at the base of the branches in which the larvae develop, thus preventing the access of predatory ladybug larvae.

Source: Wikipedia

Subfamily Coptosomatinae

Coptosoma sp. 0K0A1004
Megacopta sp. 086A3748

Unidentified Plataspidae

Plataspididae 086A9341
Plataspididae 0F1A4368
(Sumaco, Ecuador)
Plataspididae 0F1A6927
(Sabah, Malaysia)