Papilionidae is a large colourful butterfly family with over 550 species. Thefamily have members on every continent except the Antarctic, with the concentration in the tropics. The family includes the largest butterflies in the world, the birdwing butterflies of the genus Ornithoptera.

Swallowtails have several distinctive features; for example, the papilionid caterpillar bears a repugnatorial organ called the osmeterium on its prothorax, which normally remains hidden, but when threatened, the larva turns it outward through a transverse dorsal groove by inflating it with fluid.

The forked appearance in some of the swallowtails’ hindwings, which can be seen when the butterfly is resting with its wings spread, gave rise to the common name swallowtail.

Source: Wikipedia

Subfamily Papilioninae

Tribe Leptocircini

Graphium agamemnon (Kaeng Krachan NP, Thailand)
Graphium antiphates
Lamproptera meges
(Sarawak, Malaysia)

Tribe Papilionini

Papilio demolion
(Khao Sok NP, Thailand)
Papilio memnon
(Kaeng Krachan NP, Thailand)
Papilio polytes
Papilio prexaspes
Papilio protenor
(Kraeng Kachan NP, Thailand)