Nogodinidae is a family of planthoppers, that have membranous wings with delicate venation and can be confused with members of other Fulgoroid families such as the Issidae and Tropiduchidae. They are less than 2 cm long, and have antenna that arises well below the eye, has the base clubbed and flagellum unsegmented. The lateral ocelli (simple eyes) are outside the margins of the face. The face has carinae (or keels) on the edge. On the hind leg, the second tarsal segment has an apical spine arising from it. The tibia of the hind leg also has spines towards the tip. An important family character is found in the shape of the male genital structure, a style that is longer than broad. Most members of this family are forest species.

Source: Wikipedia

Subfamily Nogodininae

Tribe Varciini

Paravarcia sp. 0F1A2984
(Kaeng Krachan NP, Thailand)
Varcia pyramidalis 086A0611
Varcia sp. 0F1A5260
(Sarawak, Malaysia)
Varcia sp. 086A0821

Subfamily Tonginae

Tribe Tongini

Cotylana sp. 0F1A1404
(Pulai, Malaysia)
Cotylana sp. 0F1A7207
Cotylana sp. 086A6887
Cotylana sp. 086A7445
Cotylana sp. (Finally molt) 086A7125
Cotylana sp. (Freshly molted) 086A1873