The family Membracidae, a group of insects related to the cicadas and the leafhoppers. There are about 3,200 species of treehoppers in over 400 genera. They are found on all continents except Antarctica. Only five species are known from Europe. Individual treehoppers usually live for only a few months.

Due to their unusual appearance, treehoppers have long interested naturalists. They are best known for their enlarged and ornate pronotum, expanded into often fantastic shapes that enhance their camouflage or mimicry, often resembling plant thorns. Treehoppers have specialized muscles in the hind femora that unfurl to generate sufficient force to jump.

Treehopper nymphs can be recognised by the tube-like ninth abdominal segment, through which the tenth and eleventh segments can be exerted in defence or to provide honeydew to other animals such as ants, which they often have a symbiotic relation to for defense. The tube is longer (compared to the rest of the body) in early instars compared to late instars.

Source: Wikipedia

Subfamily Centrotinae

Tribe Centrocharesini

Centrochares sp. 0K0A0164

Tribe Choucentrini

Choucentrus sinensis
(Doi Inthanon, Thailand)
Evanchon sp. 086A3324

Tribe Gargarini

Tricentrus fulgidus (Singapore)
Tricentrus sp. 086A7734
Tricentrus sp. 0F1A3836
(Sabah, Malaysia)
Gargarini 0F1A7635
(Sarawak, Malaysia)
Gargarini 0F1A0874
Gargarini 0F1A6428
Gargarini 086A9128

Tribe Hypsaucheniini

Pyrgauchenia pendleburyi
(Sabah, Malaysia)
Pyrgauchenia sp. 0F1A3777
(Sabah, Malaysia)
Pyrgauchenia sp. 0F1A7205 (Nymph)
(Sabah, Malaysia)

Tribe Leptocentrini

Leptocentrus sp. 086A0624
Leptocentrus sp. 086A7399
Leptocentrus sp. 086A5013

Subfamily Membracinae

Tribe Hoplophorionini

Metcalfiella erecta
(Tandayapa, Ecuador)

Tribe Hypsoprorini

Cladonota machinula
(Mindo, Ecuador)

Tribe Membracini

Membracis dorsata
(Tandayapa, Ecuador)
Phyllotropis rosea
(Tandayapa, Ecudaor)

Subfamily Smiliinae

Tribe Polyglyptini

Ennya scaramozzinoi
(Tandayapa, Ecudaor)