Meenoplidae is a family of fulgoromorph planthoppers, with more than a 100 species in around 25 genera. They are small, with tent-like wings and usually less than a centimetre long. They are restricted in distribution to the Old World.

They are distinguished by having one or more of their claval veins covered in sensory pits (appearing granular) along their length. The face is usually broad and the lateral carinae (keeled edges) are strongly elevated. The last segment of the labium is elongated. A median ocellus is usually present. The wings are always present in adults and the venation consists of a small number of veins and very few cross veins. There are two subfamilies currently considered valid Meenoplinae and Kermesiinae. About 50 species are known from Africa. Along with the Achilixiidae and Kinnaridae, they have flattened star-shaped plate organs on their antennae. Species identity can usually be established reliably only by examination of the male genitalia.

Source: Wikipedia

Meenoplus sp. 0F1A6903
(Ranomafana, Madagascar)
Meenoplidae 086A3669
Meenoplidae 086A4538
Meenoplidae 086A6460

Subfamily Kermesiinae

Nisia sp. 0F1A9330
(Andasibe, Madagascar)
Nisia sp. 086A9096