Skippers are a group of butterflies named for their quick, darting flight habits. Most have their antenna tips modified into narrow, hook-like projections. Skippers mostly have an absence of wing-coupling structure present in most moths.There are 3500 species of skippers worldwide, with the greatest diversity in the Neotropics

Source: Wikipedia

Subfamily Hesperiinae

Tribe Aeromachini

Hidari irava
Pyroneura latoia

Tribe Erionotini

Erionota hiraca apicallis
Suastus gremius

Tribe Hesperiini

Vacerra hermesia
(Sumaco, Ecuador)

Tribe Ismini

Iambrix salsala

Tribe Taractrocerini

Oriens gola pseudolus

Subfamily Pyrginae

Tribe Carcharodini

Bolla sp. IMG_1227
(San Isidro, Ecuador)

Subfamily Pyrrhopyginae

Tribe Pyrrhopygini

Jemadia hewitsonii
(Sumaco, Ecuador)

Subfamily Tagiadinae

Tribe Tagiadini

Tagiades gana
Tagiades japetus