Dinidoridae is a small family of hemipteran “true bugs” comprising about sixteen genera and a hundred species. The family does not have any common name and until the late 19th century they were generally regarded as a subfamily of Pentatomidae.

Most members of the family Dinidoridae are large and robust in build; the bodies of some species may exceed 27 mm in length. In shape they are ovoid to oblong. The head and pronotum have lateral keels. The scutellum is moderately short and blunt, typically some 50% of the abdominal length.

The antennae have four or five segments, with at least two of the subapical segments flattened. The antenniferous tubercles are set below the lateral head margins and are not visible from above. The tarsi have two or three segments. In most genera trichobothria occur in pairs on the third to the seventh abdominal sterna, but Eumenotes species have only one trichobothrium per segment. Each pair of trichobothria is arranged transversely on a large callus mesad of the abdominal spiracles.

Source: Wikipedia

Subfamily Dinidorinae

Cyclopelta sp. 0F1A4575
(Doi Inthanon, Thailand)
Cyclopelta sp. 0F1A3428
(Sarawak, Malaysia)

Subfamily Megymeninae

Megymenum spinosum
Megymenum sp. 0F1A7318
(Sarawak, Malaysia)