Dictyopharidae comprises nearly 760 species in more than 150 genera which are grouped into two subfamilies, Dictyopharinae and Orgeriinae. Like all other fulgoroids, they have the antennae arising on the side of the head below the compound eye (not between the eyes as in the Cicadoidea). Many species have elongated frons. Those that do not have this elongation may have 2 or 3 carinae (keels). The median ocellus is absent.

Source: Wikipedia

Subfamily Dictyopharinae

Tribe Dictyopharini

Raivuna sp. 086A1580

Tribe Orthopagini

Centromeria sp. 0F1A0204
(Sabah, Malaysia)
Centromeria sp. 0F1A1445
(Johore, Malaysia)
Dictyopharina sp. 086A6357

Unidentified Dictyopharidae

Dictyopharidae 0F1A9145
(Tandayapa, Ecuador)
Dictyopharidae 0F1A6426
Dictyopharidae 0F1A5219
(Sarawak, Malaysia)
Dictyopharidae 0F1A7743
(Sarawak, Malaysia)
Dictyopharidae 0F1A7846
(Sarawak, Malaysia)
Dictyopharidae 086A8543
Dictyopharidae (Newly hatched nymphs) 0F1A6325