Buprestidae is a family of metallic wood-boring beetles with iridescent colors. The larvae of this family are known as flatheaded borers. This family has around 15,500 species in around 750 genera, making it one of the largest beetle families. The larger and more spectacularly colored jewel beetles are highly prized by insect collectors. The elytra of some species have been used traditionally in decorations and jewelry in countries like India, Thailand and Japan.

Source: Wikipedia

Subfamily Agrilinae

Tribe Aphanisticini

Endelus cupido
Endelus sp. 086A7842

Tribe Tracheini

Habroloma lepidopterum

Subfamily Chrysochroinae

Tribe Dicercini

Polybothris sp. 0F1A9557
(Andasibe, Madagascar)
Polybothris sp. 0F1A9876
(Andasibe, Madagascar)