Alydidae is a family of true bugs very similar to the closely related Coreidae (leaf-footed bugs and relatives). There are at least 60 genera and 300 species altogether. Distributed throughout the temperate, subtropical and tropical zones. Most of the diversity is however tropical, with only 10 species found in Europe.

Alydidae are generally dull in coloration. The upperside of the abdomen is usually bright orange-red. this color patch is normally not visible as it is covered by the wings; it can be exposed, perhaps to warn would-be predators of these animals’ noxiousness. They frequently have scent glands that produce a stink considered to be worse than that of true stink bugs (Pentatomidae). 

Source: Wikipedia

Subfamily Alydinae

Riptortus sp. 086A1818

Subfamily Micrelytrinae

Tribe Micrelytrini

Acestra sp. 086A1834